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Merging into the Fast Lane

The ability to seamlessly combine airborne and terrestrial mobile LiDAR data will create the ultimate resource for future highway design projects. That future has already begun.

High-accuracy helicopter and terrestrial mobile LiDAR datasets have proven to be accurate sources for engineering-grade digital elevation models. However, LiDAR data acquisition is a complex, highly innovative and rapidly evolving field. Because of the varying levels of accuracy and resolution that can be obtained, relying on one type of data acquisition is not usually sufficient for large-scale transportation or infrastructure projects. The combination of two or more methods is increasingly recognized as a best practice among service professionals, but merging the datasets from multiple types of methods has been challenging due to software limitations and other hurdles. Additionally, there has been a broad lack of understanding on the part of government agencies as to what results can reasonably be expected through the use of these advanced technologies. Continue reading