Clara Wiggins

We would like to congratulate Clara Wiggins on her retirement from Tuck Mapping Solutions.  Clara has worked for Tuck Mapping for nearly sixteen years and has served our firm in an exemplary manner.  Clara has recently become a new grandmother and wanted to retire to help care for the new baby.  Clara will be missed by all of our employees and clients.  She was a constant supporter of our staff. We would say that her prayers to God were a local call when the rest of us had to make long distance calls.  She had a constant concern for the well-being of each and every employee.

It is interesting to note that Clara’s first job was my father’s secretary while she was in high school.  When she came to work for me, she told me that her first job was with my father and her last would be with me.  She has been a family friend and a very loyal employee for many years.