eagleeye LiDAR Mapping System Takes Off

Our new eagleeye mapping system is off to a flying start with the completion of our first projects using our system. The system was developed by Tuck, Applanix and Riegl USA, Inc. to integrate a digital camera and LiDAR system. The LiDAR produces a DEM with 2 to 3 inch vertical accuracy. All orientation parameters from the IMU and GPS data are collected simutaneously for both sensors.

For 21 years the “bread and butter business”for Tuck has been our aerial mapping. We are in full swing completing aerial missions before the return of spring foliage. We currently have a twin-engine Piper Navajo and single-engine Cessna 206, equipped with Leica RC-30 cameras, providing high-quality photography and airborne GPS solutions to complete your projects. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing solutions for companies and organizations that need critically accurate aerial photography and highly useful earth surface data. Let us know how we can help make your aerial mapping or LiDAR project a success.