Solutions Process

The process of planning and executing a mapping project is as important as the technology and expertise Tuck Mapping provides. We follow a proven process to initiate, plan, execute, control and close each project. Milestone checks are performed throughout the project to ensure the final products meet client specifications and they are pleased with the final results.


Initial Consultation – The first step in any Tuck Mapping proposal or project is to develop a thorough understanding of the client’s intended use of the desired data.  With this understanding, Tuck Mapping managers have a sound basis to recommend a mapping/surveying solution that will meet the clients’ needs.

Project Planning – Critical elements in the success of a project include: developing a project management plan, defining the scope, developing the schedule based on available resources, determining the budget, planning quality management processes, developing a communications plan, identifying risks, analyzing risks both quantitatively and qualitatively, planning the management of sub-contractors, and developing a stakeholder management plan.  Tuck Mapping has completed thousands of projects throughout our tenure which gives us the expertise and experience to properly plan our projects to meet the client’s need.

Data Acquisition – With a well-developed plan, Tuck Mapping pilots and technicians are ready to execute all aspects of the project.  While most data acquisition flights are “routine,” it is not uncommon to deal with difficult and/or unexpected issues such as security, community questions/concerns, flight restrictions and other situations. Once again, the experience of Tuck Mapping’s staff is invaluable to manage issues and successfully acquire the data.  Normal quality control processes require a thorough check of the data before ending the flight mission to ensure that data has been successfully acquired for the target area to prevent re-flights. Tuck Mapping performs quality assurance and quality control procedures throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure a quality product.

Processing – Data acquisition technology is truly remarkable but processing by experienced and well-trained technicians is the final step in producing high quality products.  Whether verifying LiDAR points or mapping from digital aerial photographs, Tuck Mappings technicians are fully capable of shaping the data into the format needed by the client and delivering the promised product.

Range of Services – Whether acquiring data on the ground or in the air, Tuck Mapping can provide a full range of services that will meet almost any mapping/surveying need.  In those rare cases where Tuck Mapping cannot satisfy the client’s need, we will arrange a meeting with other service suppliers in the industry that can provide the required service.


Clients depend upon Tuck Mapping for innovative solutions that solve problems and satisfy their needs. We have a long history of adapting and finding creative ways to better serve clients.  We were the first company in the US to combine a RIEGL LMS-Q680i LiDAR Sensor and a Vexcel UltraCam Falcon Prime in a twin-engine aircraft. This simultaneous acquisition capability has revolutionized Tuck Mapping.

Our eagleeye® mapping system (a combination of the RIEGL VQ-480 and Leica RCD30 digital camera) was developed in direct response to the needs of clients for greater aerial mapping accuracy in order to satisfy design needs at a reasonable cost.  Our online system for clients who require ongoing stockpile measurements has achieved vast improvements in reducing costs and speeding data delivery.


Our experienced team includes: Project Management Professionals (PMP), Professional Engineers (PE), Professionally Licensed Surveys (PLS), Certified Photogrammetrists (CP), Photogrammetric Specialists (PS), GIS Professionals (GISP), Commercially Licensed Pilots, and a highly trained technical staff who are able to provide timely service and efficient mapping solutions.  Our long-service employees have experience in almost all mapping areas and we have an extensive network of colleagues who can help if assistance is required.

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