Tuck Mapping Celebrates 30 years

Tuck Mapping Solutions has completed 30 years of service as of December 31, 2014.  The firm was started by Bobby and Phyllis Tuck on January 1, 1985, to provide engineering services to the coal industry.  Our service began expanding into other areas of engineering. In 1986 we expanded into aerial mapping.  We want to thank our loyal clients for the support and encouragement they have given us over the years.  Our client’s confidence in our ability to service them has provided momentum to launch into new areas of service.  We have strived to remain on the leading edge of technology providing our staff the tools to deliver the ultimate in service.

Our staff has developed a reputation of high accuracy in mapping.  We want the industry to think of Tuck Mapping when they need the accuracy that others cannot provide.  We have a group of very hard working employees who take extreme pride in the product they produce.  Thirty percent of our employees have tenure of over 20 years at Tuck Mapping.