LiDAR Mapping

LiDAR mapping technology utilizes airborne lasers to measure distance between the laser scanner and the ground and/or objects on the ground. With this technology, a laser scanner “paints” surfaces below with millions of laser beams and measures the time of the “bounce back” to determine distance from the aircraft to the ground or the object.

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Aerial Photography

Tuck Mapping Solutions has aerial photography from multiple sources.  For our aerial mapping projects, we will collect the color or black and white imagery using one of our Leica RC30 cameras.  When we collect imagery from our helicopters, we will use the Leica RCD30 4-band digital camera or one of our DSS digital cameras.

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Survey Mapping

All aerial mapping projects planned have ground control layouts. This layout considers the scale and contour interval of the project, the use for the mapping, the terrain to be controlled, access to the location of the control points, the availability of photo identification points, and the control that is already available in the project area.

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