Silver Dollar City encompasses more than 100 acres, showcasing America’s heritage crafts with a demonstrating colony of 100 resident craftsmen – woodcarvers, glassblowers, potters, leather crafters, candle makers, knife makers and more. The park has seen 71 million guests since it opened on May 1, 1960, contributed over $100 million to the state economy, and has employed 35,000 people over the years, including the nearly 2,000 Herschend Family Entertainment employees who work in the Branson area. A Congressional Proclamation recognized the 1880s Theme Park as “The Home of American Craftsmanship,” and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon described the park as “the Hope Diamond of Missouri tourism.”

Tuck Mapping Solutions, Inc. continues to provide geospatial services to Silver Dollar City planners which includes planimetric mapping, topographic mapping and color digital orthoimagery.